Discover the Mysteries of the Pit of Evil and it's history that it holds.

Barry and his friends Arlene and Nellie decide to visit the Pit of Evil, the place where they lost their friend Fynn. While spending the night in a tent, things take an unexpected turn. The group gets seperated, while Barry suffers the same fate as Fynn, falling into the Pit of Evil.


◾ Twisted Story with mystery elements
◾ Characters that hold deep connections to each other
◾ Fast-Paced ATB System (Active Time Battle)
◾ Dungeons using puzzle elements
◾ Dramatic cut-scenes, including scenes from the past
◾ Challenging boss fights, strategic play


Release: 26.10.2018
Platform: Steam
Genre: RPG / Fantasy, Mystery
Gamelength: 10-12 hours
Languages: English and German
Systems: Windows, Linux and Mac